Postcard from Oslo, Norway, Oslo Fjord Saunas

Oslo, Postcards from Oslo, Norway, Travel, Norway

All saunas are located in the Oslo Fjord near the Oslo Opera House. The sauna rafts are in operation all year round

The Oslo Fjord Sauna: An architect-designed sauna raft that can fit up to 15 people, with its own diving board on the roof.

Photo from mid-March;

HPIM1706 (640x480)


Oslo Sauna Raft: The raft is made from recycled materials and driftwood rescued from the fjord. The sauna can house twelve people at a time.

DSC_0002 (640x360)

Salt Sauna:  SALT includes three saunas that accommodate well over a hundred people in total. You can cool off outside with cold showers and relax in wooden barrels filled with water.

DSC_0021 (640x360)


Kok (English=Boil):  A sauna boat that can be booked all year. It offers a warm, wood-fired sauna, refreshing baths, and trips in the inner Oslo Fjord. Kok is powered with a quiet electric outboard motor and roof-mounted solar panels.

DSC_0073 (640x360)

DSC_0079 (640x360)

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