Postcard from Oslo, Norway, The Memorial Park, St.Hallvardskatedralen

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The medieval town had six churches – including St. Mary`s Church,  Old Aker Church, and St. Hallvard’s Cathedral

St. Hallvardskatedralen (St. Hallvards Cathedral)

A grand church dedicated to Oslo’s patron saint, built around the year 1070 AD. St. Hallvard’s Cathedral was used as a church until about 1655. Besides being the bishop’s seat and religious centre of eastern Norway for about 500 years, the cathedral was the coronation church, royal wedding church, chapel royal, and one of Scandinavia’s most visited places of pilgrimage.

643 km to Nidaros (Trondheim):




The St. Hallvard Cathedral was built in a Romanesque basilica style. The interior featured two rows of columns, a transept, and a central transept tower. It probably was very similar to the Old Aker Church.

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The site is located between Bispegata and St. Halvards gate. Erected on a plain near the highest point of the Medieval city, the cathedral occupied a majestic position.

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In 1130 Sigurd I Magnusson (1090 – 26 March 1130) also known as Sigurd Jorsalfar (Sigurd the Crusader) was buried in the cathedrals southern wall. Sigurd was King of Norway from 1103 to 1130. His rule, together with his half-brother Øystein (until Øystein died in 1123), has been regarded by historians as a golden age for the medieval Kingdom of Norway. He is otherwise famous for leading the Norwegian Crusade (1107–1110), to support the newly established Kingdom of Jerusalem, earning the eponym “the Crusader”. He was the first European king to personally participate in a crusade.

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The cathedral fell into disrepair in the 17th century and the last remnants of the building were demolished around 1780. Stones from the church was used for various construction projects around the city, including the Akershus fortress.




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