Postcard from Oslo, Norway, Middelalderparken (The Medieval Park) Kongsgården

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Kongsgården (The Royal estate)

Unfortunately, due to construction work close by we were unable to photograph all of the ruins.

The oldest part of the ruins is barricading walls date to the year 1040-1060 and one or more wooden buildings. The estate was located close to St. Mary`s Church and later expanded into a castle-like structure with towers. The first Royal estate was built in wood which burned down in 1223. The rebuild was made of stone and bricks.

DSC_0008 (640x360)

The location of the estate played a significant role when King Haakon V decided to gradually move the capital of Norway from Bergen to Oslo. The King’s residence was a citadel, dwelling and meeting place for the King and his men when they whore in Oslo

The estate eventually lost its status and role as a regional administrative centre of Akershus Fortress and became the canon`s residence from the 1300s up until the 1500s

DSC_0009 (640x360)

DSC_0007 (2)


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