One year!!

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Today is our one-year anniversary! Hurray!!!

1-års jubileum (443x640)


A year ago we posted our first post. Heffanutt was worried no one liked him and hid in the closet with a helmet on just in case.  Heffanutt actually loves meeting people, but it can get challenging and too much if he doesn’t know anybody.  Ant King had no worries about launching this page at all and pulled Heffanutt out from his hiding place.  Bird are happy that Ant King did, our blog would have strangely “limped along” without Heffanutt.

Between the three of us, we solved the code – how to start – we have a rough plan and a dream for our future, but we don`t know if we will get there.  Maybe we`re going to end up in a totally different place, maybe a sudden turn is leading us somewhere else.  Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe another dream will emerge instead.  Or maybe we will end up in our dream of today.  There are mountains of “how” to climb and uncertainties to overcome. We have learned so much, worked hard, not given up, and dreamed a lot.

Me, Bird, will continue my journey with Heffanutt in one pocket and Ant King in the other, step by step. The beginning of a fairytale has started in the real world, mixed together with the stories on this page.  I hope one day I can tell you the story of how this page made a difference in my life.

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