Animals of the world, Wallaby

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Wallaby (640x529)

  • Wallabies are members of the kangaroo family
  • They are found primarily in Australia and on nearby islands.
  • Their head and body length is 45 to 105 cm (18 to 41 inches), and the tail is 33 to 75 cm long
  • The Wallaby is light brown, black, grey, and white in colour
  • All wallabies are marsupials meaning that the female wallaby has a pouch on her tummy in which to raise her young
  • It uses its large tail to help keep its balance while hopping and prop themselves up in a sitting posture
  • Their hind legs are extremely powerful, which allows them to jump high and far at the same time and can be used to kick predators and battle each other.
  • They use thumping sounds with their tail or hind legs to warn each other about the dangers that may be around them.
  • Wallabies are herbivores, and the bulk of their diet is grass, vegetables, leaves, and other plants
  • Wallabies cover vast distances for food and water, which is often scarce in their environment.
  • Wild dogs, foxes, and feral cats are among their predators
  •  The average lifespan of a Wallaby in the wild is 9 years

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