Postcard from Oslo, Norway, Telthusbakken 1

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Telthusbakken – a telthus is an old Norwegian word of local military storage which was used around the 17th century. The local military “departments” around the country would have their own storages. The telthus would often be situated near a church. Bakken means hill in English.  There’s no telthus at Telthusbakken today, but the hill with small wooden houses has kept its name.

Ant King climbed up some shrubs to photograph Gamle Aker Kirke and Telthusbakken from a distance:

HPIM1922 (640x480)

Down at the ground again:

HPIM1918 (640x480)

Edward Munch (12 December 1863 – 23 January 1944 best-known painting The Scream) painted Telthusbakken in 1880 when he was 16 years old:


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