Animals of the world, Pine Marten

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Pine marten (640x464)

  • A weasel-like carnivore found in Northern Europe
  • They have slender bodies with a pointed face, short legs, large paws with partially retractable claws,  rounded ears, bushy tails, and soft thick coats
  • Their bodies are up to 53 cm (21 in) in length
  • The fur varies from yellowish to dark brown. They have a cream- to yellow-coloured marking on their throats
  • They have fur on the soles of their feet to keep them warm during winter and to create a snowshoe effect
  • Their habitats are usually well-wooded areas
  • They prefer to use sites above the ground and have excellent climbing skills
  • European pine martens usually make their own dens in hollow trees or scrub-covered fields
  • Pine martens are largely nocturnal
  • Martens prefer to live alone. When adult martens run into each other they will often growl and show their teeth.
  • They eat small mammals, birds, insects, frogs, berries, birds’ eggs, nuts, and honey
  • Expected lifespan is 8-10 years

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