Animals of the world, Seahorse

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Sjøhest (640x420)

  • Seahorses are tiny fish that are named for the shape of their head
  • They are found in tropical and temperate coastal water throughout the world, from about 45°S to 45°N
  • Seahorses range in size from 1.5 to 35.5 cm (0.6 to 14.0 in)
  • They are adept at camouflage with the ability to grow and reabsorb spiny appendages depending on their habitat
  • Swimming upright among seaweed and other plants, Seahorses use their back fins to propel slowly forward. The pectoral fins located on either side of the head are used for manoeuvring
  • Since they are poor swimmers, they are most likely to be found resting with their prehensile tails wound around a stationary object
  • The seahorse tail can grasp objects
  • Seahorses feed on small crustaceans floating in the water or crawling on the bottom
  • Expected lifespan is 3 years


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