Postcard from Oslo, Norway, Kvadraturen 1

Kvadraturen, Oslo, Postcards from Oslo, Norway, The ant king and Heffanutt, Travel, Norway

Heffanutt and Ant King are continuing their walk around Akershus Fortress area, now photographing old buildings in Kvadraturen.

Kvadraturen is the area between Akershus Fortress and Grensen, Jernbanetorget, and Egertorget. This was King Christian IV’s town from the Renaissance. Several well-preserved buildings from the 17th century can be seen in Kvadraturen.

The oldest building in Kvadraturen area (to the right) is called “Rådmanngården”  – The city managers house –  It was built for the city manager  Lauritz Hansen in 1626. The yellow building (left) was built around 1700.

HPIM1664 (640x480)

This building (built 1641) was the city’s town hall from 1641 to 1733

HPIM1596 (640x480)


HPIM1599 (640x480)

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