Animals of the world, Moose (Alces alces)

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  • Its the largest species in the deer family. Alces alces has an average height of 1.5-2.1m (5-6.5 ft),  but they can reach over 2.1m (6.9 ft). at the shoulders
  • Their coat is generally dark, black to brown or greyish brown, with the lower legs being lighter. They have a soft fine undercoat of woolly insulating hairs
  • Moose inhabit boreal forests, temperate broadleaf and mixed forests of the Northern Hemisphere
  • Males are distinguished by carrying large antlers which can weigh as much as 35 kg in North American Moose. Antlers are shed in the winter each year
  • The largest subspecies of Moose, Alces alces gigas, occurs in Alaska
  • They are the least social species among the deer family
  • Moose are most active at sunrise and sunset.
  • Few Moose live past 15 years in the wild
  • They feed on stems and twigs of woody plants, mosses, and lichens in the winter, leaves, high grasses, shrubs and shoots of deciduous plants in the summer
  • major predators are wolves, bears, and cougars
  • Moose prefer forest habitats, especially those locations with a mixture of wooded areas and open areas near lakes or wetlands
  • Their long legs enable them to handle deep snow up to nearly a meter. If the snow is very deep they will usually take shelter in woodland
  • Moose will swim up to several km between islands


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