Postcard from Oslo, Norway 7

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Karl Johans gate (street) consists of two streets that have been linked together at Egertorget. The two following photos show the view from Egertorget to the Castle and from Egertorget to the train station.

hpim1508 (640x480)

hpim1507 (640x480)

The following photo was taken the first weekend in January, Christmas decorations is still up. Heffanutt wants to show you the “Freia sign”.  In 2009 this Illuminated advertising sign celebrated 100 years. 23 of December 1909 it was lit for the first time and became Norway and Europas first Illuminated advertising sign. In 2009 it was still Northern Europas largest illuminated advertising sign (I don`t know if it still is today). In 1925 the clock was added. Several changes have been made to it throughout the years, you can see pictures of the different designs here (Norwegian site)

hpim1373 (640x480)

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