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  • The chicken (Gallus Gallus Domesticus) is a type of domesticated fowl, a subspecies of the red jungle fowl
  • There are several hundred different species
  • Searching for and eating eggs has been done all over the world for thousands of years
  • They do not feed their chicks like other birds, but helps them find the food
  • It has been identified over 20 sounds with specific meaning
  • Chickens learn from experience, with others, and by observation
  • They remember information and put together information so they can make good choices about where to look for food, what to avoid, and so forth
  • Expected life expectancy 10-12 years
  • In wild condition, chickens live in small family flocks. There may be one or two roosters and three, four hens. Where the nutritional basis is very good, there may be up to twelve, fifteen hens and three to five roosters. Young roosters usually form their own flocks and stay on the side.
  • Chickens eat pebbles for the gizzard
  • They set the feathers by dust baths and brushing them afterward
  • Omnivorous. They may eat kitchen waste, grass, corn, corn, and insects
  • Lays eggs without a rooster, but the rooster creates calmness, for example, separating hens who are fighting


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