Animals of the world, Tiger

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tiger (640x455)

  • It is the largest cat species with a body weight of up to 300 kilos
  • There are several subspecies
  • The tiger occurs in alternating habitats, from tropical rainforest, snow-covered bush forests and deciduous forests and mangrove forests to drier forest types.
  • Tiger populations once ranged widely across Asia
  • The fur colour is usually yellow to yellowish brown with black stripes
  • Life expectancy is about 15 years, in captivity up to 20 years.
  • The tiger is a long-ranging species, and individuals disperse over distances of up to 650 km (400 mi) to reach tiger populations in other areas.
  • It hunts mostly at sunset.
  • It eats fish, turtles, frogs, lizards, crocodiles and what it can catch of birds, but above all mammals, and especially wild boar, deer, and antelopes. Occasionally, cattle are attacked, sometimes people too.
  • There are probably less than 7000 wild animals, most of them in India.
  • Skin from tigers was used in the old times for clothing or as decoration
  • It is a strong swimmer and often bathes in ponds, lakes, and rivers, thus keeping cool in the heat of the day


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