Animals of the world, Deer

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  • Colour; Brown, Tan, White, Orange
  • The size varies greatly; shoulder height 120-150 cm (3ft 11in – 4ft 11 in), weight 100-270 kg (220-595 lb)
  • The male deer antlers shed and regrow every year
  • For each year the antlers will grow in size until the male deer has reached its genetic (possible environmental) limit. An age of 7-12 years is calculated as the peak years. After this, the antlers will gradually be reduced
  • The deer are found in the forests of  Europe, Asia, and North America
  • The deer prefer forests and forest edges but may also occur in more open areas.
  • In autumn and winter it’s often found in fields and throughout the winter it eats what it can find of grass, heather, twigs, and bark. During though winters it can destroy many young conifers.
  • The deer has well-developed vision, hearing, and sense of smell, and is therefore very quick to detect possible dangers
  • Its a fast runner (60 km/t, 37mph)
  • Deer have a life expectancy of 10 to 20 years
  • Deer stay in herds of approximately 25 deer per herd, mainly female deer and a dominant male deer known as a stag.


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