Postcard from Oslo, Norway 3

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Buildings belonging to The Oslo University (finished 1851)

hpim1519 (640x480)


Henrik Ibsen  (a Norwegian playwright, theatre director, and poet 1828-1906) When Ibsen lived in Oslo he walked from his home in the Arbiens street to Karl Johan and Grand Cafè every day. The time of departure and route were always the same, creating predictability that made the walking author a living tourist attraction. On the Karl Johan street, Ibsen always made a stop in front of the clock which hung (and still hangs) in the window of one of the university’s buildings making sure his pocket watch was running correctly:



Several quotes from Ibsen have been placed on the sidewalks from the crossing Fredriks street/Karl Johan to Grand Hotel and Grand Cafè in Karl Johan to mark his route:

hpim1511 (640x480)

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