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  • Pigs, or domestic swine, originate in the wild boar and are kept as domestic animals
  • The oldest finding of domestic swine is from Anatolia in Turkey and is dated to approx. 7000 BC
  • Omnivore, which means that it eats both plants and meat.
  • One of the most typical features of the pig family is the nose, which is flat in front and circular in shape. It is called a snout and has two nostrils pointing straight forward. The nostrils have strong closing muscles. The snout is used to dig into the soil to find food and is a very acute sense organ
  • The animals are both social and willing to learn. They communicate through sounds, body language, and smell.
  • Body contact is important to thrive and stay healthy. In the open, the pigs sleep close to each other, often in a pile.
  • Pigs cuddles by gently pushing their snout against each other’s bodies. Such social contact creates unity in the flock and makes the pigs relax.
  • They lack sweat glands and become easily sunburned. Therefore, they like shade and a mud hole to cool down. Mud baths also clean the skin.
  • The pig has an even more superb sense of smell than the dog, and are very teachable
  • Traditionally, pigs have been used to search for truffle. Less commonly known is that pigs have also been used for hunting. They can track and learn how to get the game for the hunter. Pigs can also get hunting yields floating in the water. They love water and are good swimmers.
  • Pigs are highly adaptable and can cope with both cold winter and tropical heat


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