Animals of the world, Geese

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  • The sexes are identical and of the same appearance throughout the year
  • They molt during summer and are therefore unable to fly a few weeks every year
  • They can range from small groups to huge flocks when they eat, relax or sleep, depending on the species, season and location. This applies both to water, land and air
  • A number of species undertake annual migrations
  • Fly in plow formation (V formation), to save energy. They do this by surfing each other’s pressure waves (a turbulence created by the wing when birds fly). The birds are switching to lead because this is the heaviest job.
  • Medium to large birds with heavy body, semi-long neck, flatly rounded beak, and short limbs.  The legs are short, strong, and set far to the back of the body, this can make some species awkward on land
  • Monogamous breeders. The nest is built on the ground and the eggs are white. Both parents protect the nest and the offspring.
  • They are generally herbivorous, feeding on various water-plants, although some species also eat fish, molluscs, or aquatic arthropods


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