Animals and creatures of Christmas, The Horse

Christmas, Christmas traditions, The ant king and Heffanutt

hestenThe pride and joy of the old farmer. Early morning Christmas day it was time for church, those who had a horse would go for a sleigh ride or ride. Horses with dumbbells and sleighes were washed and brushed both to show off and to honour the day. It was a slow ride to church so that the horses wouldn`t be too hot, waiting in the cold. Sometimes, the journey home could turn into a wild horse race, with shouting, cheering, and laughter. Some places it was believed that the first one home would be the first to harvest next autumn.

The farms Nisse would often have a favourite horse. You could easily tell which; the horse would stand out, being much stronger, faster, well groomed and better looking than the rest of the horses

The horse is mentioned in many Christmas stories and songs today

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