The ant king and Heffanutt 11, Nuts

Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, The ant king and Heffanutt

Wow… this must be nut heaven. Only squirrels and birds would normally harvest here, so less competition of the best ones. Heffanutt reached for three nuts attached together, all brown and shiny, he could almost see his face reflecting in the shell. He stretched out his arms as long as he could and then dropped the nuts. Reached for more nuts and did the same again. This was one of the easiest harvests he had ever done before.

Heffanutts drøm

The ant king and the squirrels wore harvesting too, picking and dropping over and over again. Finally, they dropped the last riped ones. It was time to climb down again, Heffanutt had feared it all the time, but had managed to not think about it until now. The ant king sat on the back of a squirrel, locking his feet behind the squirrels front legs and leaning back so that he wouldn`t slide off.

Heffanutt was so scared, it was no way that he could sit like The ant king. To his horror, the squirrels would climb down head first, and riding like The ant king would make him look down towards the ground. Clumsy he climbed on the back of a squirrel, sitting backward, leaning forward and hiding his face against the warm fur. He could look ridiculous and other animals could laugh as much as they wanted, he would not open his eyes until he was safe on the ground.

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