The ant king and Heffanutt 9, Tree elevator

Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, The ant king and Heffanutt

Heffanutt was busy working in his garden, The ant king had lived with him for a week now. While he was stretching his sore back, he heard The ant king`s laughter, which was normal, The ant king loves to have some fun, often a bit too scary fun to Heffanutts taste. But what was unnormal the sound of his laughter seemed to come from high above his head and sometimes from one direction and shortly after from a different direction. Had The ant king grown wings?

The ant king and Heffanutt ekornheis1

Heffanutt put his little shovel aside and went to investigate. Following The ant kings sometimes wild laughter, he soon found him by a tree next to a few squirrels. The ant king was laughing so hard that he was rolling on the ground. «You have to try this!» he said when he saw Hefanutt. «It`s so fun!!». Heffanutt a little sceptical to The ant kings wild fun, smiled a little insecure smile with questions in his eyes.

«Hold on here,» The ant king said, leading Heffanutt to a squirrel and pointed at his tail. Ok, said Heffanutt not understanding the point. «Now, you must hold on tight. Are you ready?» Heffanutt answered that he didn`t know.

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