Ant king and Heffanutt 8, Negotiator

Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, The ant king and Heffanutt

Ant king is silent for a while, rocking the rocking chair he`s sitting on. Do you know why she`s stealing your nuts? he asked Heffanutt. Heffanutt who hadn’t spoken to the squirrel except for the one time yelling at her shook his head. Maybe we should ask, Ant king said. I`ll go for a walk and see if I can find her in her storage. Heffanutt somewhat embarrassed that he hadn’t tried to talk to her himself instead of putting up a nut fight, nodded quietly. It was totally out of Heffanutts normal behaviour to be angry, but nuts were his absolute favourite food, his weak spot.

The ant king and Heffanutt forhandle

Heffanutt looked out the window and saw Ant king walk down the path, hoping that the squirrel would listen to him and leave his nuts alone. It was a long wait for him before Ant king turned up again and entered the living room. Just as I thought he said, a misunderstanding and nothing else. How could she misunderstand that the nuts in my house are mine, Heffanutt asked somewhat confused. Ant king looked at him and said that the squirrel had moved into the tree this spring, in her opinion the nuts in that tree, therefore, belonged to her. She is willing to share now if you stop collecting nuts in her storage. In return, she will stop getting nuts from your storage.

In the forest where Heffanutt lived, they were used to that all the eatables outside of the resident’s gardens belonged to everybody. Now that the misunderstanding was out of the way, silence and peace returned to Heffanutts little home. His storage was slowly filling up with the help of Ant king.

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