Ant king and Heffanutt 2, A walk in the forest

Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, The ant king and Heffanutt

They followed each other as in a silent agreement of going the same direction. Heffanutt could not help but notice that even the ant had nice clothes, they showed signs of being used for a long time. His black boots surely could use some polish and new soles. Heffanutt used the brush his mother had given him, to brush his fur nice and shiny every morning, just as she had taught him.

The ant king og Heffanutt tur i skogen

Being polite and kind Heffanutt would never dream of mentioning this for Ant king, and he will as time go by learn why Ant king`s clothes aren`t all bright and shiny. Ant king, on the other hand, wondered why Heffanutt seemed to have very sore feet, carefully watching each step.

Heffanutt asked if Ant king would like to join him for a glass of hazelnut milk, which Ant king thankfully accepted.

Ant king and Heffanutt 3, Stolen nuts

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