Ant king and Heffanutt 1, A walk in the forest

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Ant king enjoyed the rays of sunlight shimmering through the leaves, it was the time of summer when the blueberries had started to ripen. And you know, for a little guy as Ant king, a single blueberry was a whole meal.  He had just finished up his blueberry and washed his face in a water pit when a to him strange creature showed up in a bend of the road behind him.

The ant king and Heffanutt, møte Heffanutt

The creature stopped and stared at him with his jaw dropped. Ant king, even though he had met so many creatures throughout his life, had never seen anyone like this before. He walked towards him carefully, though the creature seemed nice, you could never be absolutely sure.  Ant king stopped when he was next to the creature and stared back at him for a moment.  With a nod, he reached out his hand and said; I`m Ant king, who are you?

The creature still with his mouth wide open suddenly reached out his paw. «Heffanutt,» he said.  «I`m Heffanutt»

Heffanutt had been on his daily walks in the forest, he had always lived in.  Heffanutt was one of those silent creatures who didn`t speak too much, but he always greeted everyone he met.

Suddenly he spotted an orange-coated fellow, Heffanutt got the feeling it was something special about him, something that made Heffanutt stare in awe.  Now that they had shaken paws, Heffanutt was all smiles, he had met a new friend today.

Ant king and Heffanutt 2, A walk in the forest

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