We survived!

Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt

Heffanutt: Is it over? Can I come out of the closet now?

The ant king: There you are! I`ve been looking for you for several days… Oh my, ha, ha, ha, look at that heap of nutshells! You have been here for a while for sure.

Heffanutt: (Embarrassed) I need to brush my fur

The ant king: You need to brush more than that ha, ha

Heffanutt: Has she released the story, is Bird ok?

The ant king: Yes, and yes, she survived. It wasn`t as scary as you both thought.  Bird has even started on the next story already, you know, the one where we meet.

Heffanutt: Wasn’t she supposed to take a break?

The ant king: The break didn`t last long, she wanted to write more, now that she gained some confidence. She has already learned some from writing the first story.

The ant king: Heffanutt, She said something really weird the other day. She said that we had come alive. Wonder what that means, I`ve been alive for several years, and I know you have to. She also said that our personality is starting to come out, but I`ve been the same me all the time.

Heffanutt: She says really strange things sometimes. – And doing things that make me wonder.  Before I hid in the closet I saw her dancing my brush dance in the living room with closed eyes. As she was dancing in her sleep or something.

The ant king: ha, ha I would have loved to see that. You look funny when dancing, and I bet she looked even funnier.

The ant king: Talk to you later. Heffanutt got some brushing to do and I won’t miss that.






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