Ant king 11, Home again

Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, The ant king

Ant king looked around and after some thinking and reasoning he called for Benji and they both started the long walk back to the clearing where Benji lived.

The ant king tilbake til lysningen

Finally, at dawn, they reached the turtles’ nest, feet sore of walking. Benji was so tired that he almost forgot to thank Ant king for his help and walked straight into bed. The father turtle was so grateful that Ant king had helped little Benji to get out of the hole that he offered him a lift.

Ant king had decided that he wouldn`t walk anymore today, so a lift further down the path was a welcoming offer. The father turtle was going to a neighbor family for a visit anyways and Ant king could sit on his back.

The ant king sove på skilpadderyggen

All the turtles except Benji gathered and waved goodbye as Ant king rode slowly away sitting on the turtles back.  Ant king was so tired of the adventured he had been through, and the slow rocking from side to side soon made him fall asleep.

The end (for now)

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