The ant king 10, Swept away

Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, The ant king

The ant king moro på elven

Carried away by the stream, Benji and The ant king had no other option than follow along. As Benji was holding on the best he could, he saw The ant kings mood suddenly shift from surprise to joy.  The ant stood on top of the log smiling and laughing at the speed, having a blast. The ant king surely enjoyed the ride, loving a new adventure


A loud rumble like thunder, they floated around a corner and saw the river disappear below them, too late to do anything than hold on. Benji closed his eyes as hard as he could, feeling the wind from the rivers speed, he clung to the log making squeaky noises of fear, and then nothing but a feeling of flying. A big splash and he tumbled sideways, upside down, underwater and up again. Coffing and blinking his eyes he found himself swimming in the middle of the river.  The log was gone, The ant king was gone.


«Benji» he heard, «Benji! Swim over here!» He turned his head and spotted The ant king in front of him at the riverside. He started to paddle with his legs, as hard as he could. He manages to shift direction and slowly closing into the riverside, The ant king swam out and helped him the rest of the distance.

The ant king strandet

Breathing heavily they laid down in the sand, not noticing their surrounding at first. With his eyes closed The ant king thought he heard a bird singing. He was sure he must have heard wrong, but then he heard it again. He slowly opened his eyes and turned his head in the direction of the sound. His eyes saw an opening out, sun shining, birds singing, green grass. He started to laugh and made Benji stand up to. Finally a way out of the dark.  Benji smiled and said «home». They had to climb a few rocks slippery of water but soon stood outside in the sun drying up their clothes. Both of them was very hungry and raided bushes of blueberries, ate and ate until they couldn`t eat no more.

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