Ant king 9, A grumpy helper

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After listening to a long speech about many tunnels and danger of getting lost forever, Ant king asked if the mole could draw them a map. An offended mole said that he wouldn`t be a bad host and that he would follow them out of the tunnels. Even if it would cost him a great ordeal and a long walk. A big favour to them he did.

The ant king i trappen ned til elven

And so they went, through a door across the room this time. The mole walked first, Benji in the middle where he felt safest and Ant king last. Each of them carried a torch, but the tunnel was so dark that it hardly made any difference. After a long walk up and down, shifting tunnels from time to time, they reached some stairs leading downwards. They heard a roar that became louder as they climbed down. An underground river raged through the tunnel, sprouting the travellers with water drops.

We have to cross here said the mole, pointing at a log reaching from one side of the river to the other. The mole walked the log without any troubles, but Benji was terrified seeing the raging river beneath him. His legs were shaking so much that he could hardly walk. Benji was in the middle of the log when he froze. The moles’ curses and laughter didn`t help, Ant king tried to comfort him, but that didn`t help either.

The ant king klamre til tømmerstokk

Ant king walked onto the log himself so that he would be next to Benji. He tried to pursue the turtle, but Benji stood still, staring into the water with big round eyes. Ant king made a fatal decision and began to push Benji, the movement rocked the log at the same time. Slowly, the more Ant king pushed, the log slid and suddenly fell into the river with both Benji and Ant king clinging to it.

«Bye», and a laughter was the last they heard from the mole.

The ant king 10, Swept away

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