The ant king 8, Friendly or not

Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, The ant king

A brisk voice answered, «Come in!» The ant king opened the door and entered the room yet again. While fumbling to put on his glasses the mole shouted again «Come in I said! Don`t stand there as a lunatic!» Finally, with his glasses on its place, he saw The ant king «Oh, there you are, whoever you are».

The ant king møte muldvarp

The ant king introduced himself while Benji was hiding behind him, he was about to explain why they disturbed the mole when the mole interrupted. «An ant and a little shivering coward of a turtle down here? » He started to laugh loudly, clapping his hands to his knees. «Well, well, I guess I must invite my uninvited guests for tea». The ant king said that they surely wouldn`t disturb and there was no need for any tea, could only the mole tell them how to get out.

The mole looked at them wondering what`s the hurry, wore they rude and turned off a simple and friendly invite for tea? Didn`t they have any manners? The ant king and Benji unfamiliar with the mole’s behaviour denied that they were trying to be rude, and silently sat down at the table for some biscuits and tea.

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