The ant king 7, Friendly or not

Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, The ant king

The ant king, sovende muldvarp

Benji was too afraid to breathe as he saw The ant king slowly enter the room. The ant king tried to be as quiet as he could, walking into an unknown creature home. So weird, so many doors, in all directions, were it an underground castle he had entered? He looked in the direction the breathing sound came from and saw a bed in the corner of the room. A creature sleeping was totally covered by his blanket, only the top of the head reviling some greyish fur was to be seen.

The ant king, knuste kopper

A loud crash made The ant king jump, Benji had entered the room and walked right into a table full of cups and plates. A large plate filled with cookies had fallen to the floor. The little turtle froze for a second with big round eyes, oh my… A sound of someone turning in bed, blanket pushed aside. Benji and The ant king rushed out the door full of fear and closed it quickly behind them as they heard the creature talk angrily to himself.

At first, they didn`t dare to move, trying to be as small as possible, hoping that the creature wouldn`t see them if he opened the door. Benji had in is fear grabbed a couple of cookies, which he now chewed nervously, while crumbles fell to the ground around him.

They heard someone clean up the mess Benji made, still angry, still talking to himself. The ant king approached the door again and looked through the keyhole. A mole dressed in a silky bathrobe was busy sweeping the floor. To his terror, Benji saw The ant king brush his clothes from mud and knocked at the door. The poor little turtle thought his last day had come.



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