The ant king 6, Into the dark

Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, The ant king

I should have had one of those fireflies The ant king thought as he felt his way along the path. The ant king always catches a firefly at dawn if he`s able to so that he has light until bedtime.

Benji follows The ant king a few inches from his heels at all time, looking fearfully from side to side. A sudden stop and Benji walk right into The ant king`s feet, causing him to lose balance. The ant king heard something, a strange noise like someone breathing heavily. Benji starts to shiver, who would voluntarily live down here? A monster? Benji imagines all kinds of terrifying creatures creeping upon him.

The ant king dør i gangen

A glimmer of light, making strange shadows on the ground, the breathing continues as The ant king slowly walks forward. His hand feels a hindrance in front of him, all the way from the ground to as high as he can reach. He feels up and down and realizes it`s a door when he sees a keyhole with a little light shimmering through it.

The ant king gjennom kikkehullet

The ant king puts his eye in front of the keyhole and looks into the room on the other side. The light is flickering as from a fireplace. He sees a bench with a red and white blanket. Underneath it, a wooden box halfway hidden. A coat hanging over a chair, and a pair of shoes. No sign of the one who`s breathing. The ant king slowly turns the doorknob and open the door a couple of inches

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