Ant king 4, Beginning of an adventure

Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, The ant king

It was a mystery to them all where the missing turtle could be. Ant king, helped along with the search, he walked through the grass, shouting and listening. Suddenly he thought he heard something, someone whispering hallo and help. Ant king tilted his head, trying to hear where the voice came from. Then he spotted a hole in the ground. The sides of the hole were slippery with mud from the last day’s rain. Ant king carefully laid down on the ground and looked over the edge.

The ant king se ned i hullet

All the turtles gathered around him, as he yet again heard someone calling for help, louder this time. It`s Benji shouted one of the turtles. Benji had hurried as fast as a turtle could, thinking only of hiding and didn`t look where he put his feet. The sides of the hole being slippery there was no way Benji could hold on and he fell into the dark.

Being in all kinds of situations past years Ant king had turned into a brave little ant. After all, he thought to himself, I am a king. He decided to take the chance and climb down to the turtle in the hole. At first, the climb went well, but at once he lost his grip and he started to slide down the muddy hole

The ant king 5, Into the dark

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