The ant king 3, Beginning of an adventure

Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, The ant king

The ant king walked whistling along a path he had found a few days earlier. This was his fourth spring since leaving the anthill.  It had rained heavily yesterday and the path was muddy and slippery.  From a distance, he heard laughter and talking, and someone counting loudly 1…..2…..3…. more laughter….15..16..17….screams and laughter …48…49…50.. suddenly it all turned quiet.

The ant king skilpadde på lysning

In the middle of a clearing, The ant king spotted a turtle. There wore no one else to be seen.  I wonder where the rest of them could be, The ant king thought to himself.  He walked toward the turtle he saw when he suddenly stumbled and fell over another turtle hiding in the grass. The ant king was about to ask why the turtle was hiding when he was quickly hushed to silence.

Tha ant king snuble over skilpadde

The ant king had stumbled right into a game of hide and seek. The game was ordinary enough, but as you probably know turtles move slowly. It took a long time before all the turtles except one were found.

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