The ant king 2, Growing up

Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, The ant king

The ant king lived and grew locked up in a room by himself. All he knew of the outside world was what he could see through his window.

The ant king, kastet ut

The day arrived when the ants decided it was time to kick the king out of the anthill and let him take care of himself. The ant king suddenly found himself looking up at his window from outside, knowing he would never see his room again. Although he was forced to live there, it was all that he knew and a place he felt safe. A tear rolled slowly down his cheek.

Luckily the ant king was a curious fellow and soon learned where to look for food by watching the working ants from a distance. He learned how to carry water with the help of a straw, and how to wrap up food in a leaf so that he could carry it with him.

The ant king, ut på eventyr

No one wanted to talk to him, and if they spotted him, they would alert the warrior ants who would chase him away.  The ant king decided it was time to leave, seeking a better life somewhere else.  He looked one last time at the anthill where he was born, turned around and walked away.

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