The ant King 1, Birth

Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, The ant king


maurdronning og eggene

Spring. All the ants were busy either working on the anthill or bringing in food to the growing population of ants.  The queen stayed at the nursery watching carefully over each and every egg laid. One of the eggs caught her attention as it kept on growing bigger and bigger every day.  It now had reached the double size of the rest of the eggs. Could it be a new queen, her heir?

The ant king, sprukket egg

A few days later the egg hatched, and a lot of ants had gathered around curious to look at the new queen.  But what came out of the egg was none, of what anyone could have imagined. Twice as big as the others, but not a girl – a boy. An ant king??? The ants looked at each other, couldn`t believe their own eyes.  No one had ever heard of an ant king and didn`t know any use of him either. They quickly decided to hide him away and get rid of him as soon as they could, hopefully before any neighboring ants discovered what had happened.

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