Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, The ant king and Heffanutt


The ant king:  Heffanutt, we must say hi to the humans out there.

Heffanutt: I can`t see anyone.

The ant king: You can`t see them, they are reading this on a computer, phone or another device.

Heffanutt: I like shaking paws better.

The ant king: You can`t shake hands with everybody, there are billions of humans.

Heffanutt:  Wow……..That would sure make my paw sore.

The ant king: Yeah…

The ant king:  Did you know my story is written now. We have finally managed to convince her.

Heffanutt: Do you think she can make it? Haven`t you got hundreds of stories to tell?

The ant king:  I don`t know, but she let us stay with her, and she listens to us.  I haven`t told her how many adventures I have lived, I didn`t want to scare her.  She thinks she`s going to write two stories, only.  Sometimes you have to be smart.

Heffanutt: oh, ok.

Heffanutt: We forgot to say hi.  Hello humans!

The ant king: Hello, humans out there.

Heffanutt: Are we finished? I`m hungry.  I wonder if Bird hides nuts somewhere……

The ant king:  Hey! You can`t go and eat nuts without asking.  Heffanutt! Heffanutt wait up!..  Ok, I better run after him, talk to you later……….



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