A blog about the author Birds imaginary figures Ant King, Heffanutt, and Silver, but also stories from Birds life. Even if I`m not in the category of “skilled drawer” I`m posting my drawings anyway. It`s so many perfect drawings out there, I miss seeing those “not so good” ones, those who I can relate to. I hope by posting my not so good drawings, and showing my journey that I can encourage at least one to keep on drawing for the fun of it, even if it`s not perfect.

Go to my reopened blog Draw your imagination for “behind the scene” posts related to this blog.

Hjemmeside Ant King


Ant King: Born in an anthill somewhere in a distant forest. The ants didn`t want anything to do with him because he was born as a king, something totally unheard of. Ant King was locked up until he was able to feed himself, then kicked out of the anthill and chased away. Despite his past, Ant King is an adventurous, confident – sometimes too confident – traveler who has seen forests far and wide.



Hjemmeside Heffanutt

Heffanutt: A strange creature no one seen before. Named after his father Heff and nuts. He would do almost anything to put his paws around a nut, he loves them.  He thinks the best of everyone he meets, and can`t imagine anyone being mean.





Hjemmeside Bird


Bird: The author of this blog, trying to be herself regardless of other people’s opinions. Searching for that strength to be who she is, wishing to fly high with the wind, free.





Hjemmeside Silver


Silver: An old VW Beetle with a personality of his own. Because he’s the oldest one, he often feels he knows best, and can suddenly change Bird’s planned road trip to something totally different.





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